Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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1st Home Visit (15 Oct 2010, 13:47)

St/N Wani's entry.

Seen at home today with Student Nurse Wani and Lilian (Home Treatment Team). Home environment was untidy, poor lighting, and he was watching television and having a tea before we arrived. Presented as well kempt, looked calm and settled down on couch. Minimal eye contact during conversation, speech was normal in rate but low in tone and volume. Mood was low with suicidal ideation as he claimed “I hear voices saying to kill myself”. S.C. claimed he heard voices since three weeks ago and it was getting worse even though he took his medication. He described he heard voices during early morning and late night, it was male and female voices and command him to kill himself. He denied of hearing voices commanding him to kill/harm others. He expressed himself feeling pressure and depression when he heard the voices. He claimed he did not believe the voice as he knows he is unwell. Currently, he claimed he denied hearing the voices. Discussed upon his request to be admitted into hospital, explained to him there are not enough beds in hospital for him but he will be seen frequently and look after by Home Treatment and CMHT. Stephen showed his medication taken from Pharmacy, three boxes contain with tablets. He claimed did not take his medication this morning. He seems well known of what medication he’s on as he told the indication of each tablet. Stephen complained of feeling as if he wants to vomit but nothing came out. He was advised to discuss with GP about it. He claimed he burnt himself accidentally when he went took bath scalding his bottom and back of thights. There were so many (Fucidin) cream medications on the table he uses to soothe the area.

4th Home Visit (28 Oct 2010; 12:00)

Mr.S.C. seen at home today by Awudu (care-coordinator), Jameson CPN from Home Treatment Team, and Wani (student nurse). Steve was sleeping during home visit. He opened the door for us, welcomed us and he settled down on couch. Jameson explain the reason we came as he will be discharge from HTT and referred back to CMHT. Jameson thanks to Mr. S.C. as he is very cooperative during under HTT. Mr. S.C. said thank you to HTT for take a good care of him and he would be happy to be look after by CMHT again. Steve present well kempt, no evidence of psychosis or depression, normal tone, rate and volume of speech, maintained good eye contact during conversation. Steve claimed the voices the he hears is getting reduce and the medication helps him a lot. Mr.S.C. said that he would like to paint his wall in red colour because he likes Arsenal Football Team. Mr.S.C. said he will come to Depot clinic for his next injection. Mr. S.C. claimed he would be happy to go to Park Avenue and MIND Enfield to involve with drop-in activities over there.

Entry by: Wani (St/N)

p/s: i miss my patient. i even gave him an Arsenal poster and the team players photos last time i met him. huhu. and i miss my Mentor too. and i miss Hannah as well. i miss the whole place back in London! :'(

p/s: there are reasons why i didn't put pictures of the whole clinical posting back there, one reason because of the confidential of psychiatric posting, another one because i have to prepare for the presentation to the department therefore it would be no point if i 'present' it here of fb. so, surprise.. :)

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