Friday, November 26, 2010

stress counselling (Mental Health Nurse to Be)

why are you so stress? why you want to be stress? why do you choose to stress yourself when there's so many good things happened to your life?
let me think, what is the most stress to me right now at the moment?
right. final exam. second last semester final exam next week this monday.
i have another 8-10 months to go to be a real Nurse.
why i must be stress? everything is totally fine so far. I'm doing mental health, the easiest one, I'm in my final year, why i want to be stress? i got chosen to go to UK, gained great experiences doing mental health in such a develop country, cant my life be so much better than now? i got 3.46 which not good enough to compare with other friends but at least more than 3. if i stress myself just because i want to chase that 3.7 but at the end i sill being a nurse, it doesn't change anything right. so why must be stress? i enjoy study while watching Miami Medical and Vampire Diaries even though some of the information seems doesn't be absorbed into my leaking brain, but yet i don't wanna get stress, so i really should enjoy my every minute of my life.

everything seems so fine to me right now. my family nearer to me, so i don't have to feel homesick. i don't have specific best friend but i still got the coolest housemates and coolest cousin, so I'm not alone. I'm not that type of desperate sober girl who craving for ignorance boyfriend because of loneliness. i can wear anything, i don't have to worry if i cant find a perfect dress because i don't have my size, i have a normal weight (i think so) so i don't have to be bulimic just because i want to get a perfect body. i love my body i love myself. i have good skin, i use good skin care product, i don't have to worry if i might look ugly when i don't put on make up because i don't need one. i am happy being makupless.

I am enjoying every single moment i have in my life. and you too. you should not feel stress. don't be. because life is too short to be stress. today you go to the class, meet your friends, gossiping, make mistakes, being scold, phone your mom, update your status "My Life Sucks" on your Facebook, then the next day you'll probably be hit by a bus then die.


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