Sunday, November 28, 2010

Year 4 Post Exam Reflection: Mental Health (Psychiatric)

1. Psychosocial Assessment

i dont remember what i answered, but i put everything in my head of what it's all about in psychosocial asssessmnet, demograhphic data, mental state erxamination, personal history (family history, psychiatric history, drug history, history of suicidal attempt, history of violance/self harm/ harm to others), social status (relationship, role and function, financial status, housing, working environment/occupation, culture, beleif an dreligion), physical status include coping, functional, current problems) and bla.bla.bla...

2. Cognitive features of Major Depression

i explained about the cognitive triad. negative thought of a person put self down,/ self downing/ self awfulising, perceive no future for him/herself (include suicidal thought/ end of life), perceive world/life as unfair, people/life are against him. perceive self as worthlessness, helplessness, perceive future as hopelessness.

3. behavioral theories and treatment of Obsessive Complusive Disorder (OCD)

i explained about classical conditioning and operant conditioning and how are they related to OCD. person who suffer from OCD usually develop maladaptive response of early psychological development especially during childhood. (ntah betul ke tak ni). explained about what is obsession: recurrent and persistent abnormal thought about natural stimuli and compulsion: abnormal action/behavior to neutralize/reduce/ suppress the thought.
i expleined examples of OCD: a child obsess about bacteria and keep washing his had (compulsion) probably during childhood he got scoled by his mom or got food poisoning that makes him develop irrational belief about the bacteria (source of harm).

i put the treatment usually systemic desensitization: expose to the the source of stimuli. i explained how it supposed be done like make a schedule how many times the person wash hand, put a target number of he would wash hand/ target how long he would not wash his hand, and gradually make it more longer and evaluate him/ let patient realize nothing bad happen to him when he did not wash his had. other treatment like operant conditioning, where award/punish is given to patient to maintain new behavior. bla.bla.bla.. tal ingat dah ape aku explained

4. psychosocial intervention for voice hearer.

seriously ntah ape yang aku tulis ampai 2 page. ok, 2 page better lagi siap ade orang tu 3 buku kertas dia tulis, haha aku taknak jadi lecturer sakit pale je kot nak bace banyak-banyak..anyway takot gak kot2 2 page tu cam tak cukup sebab markah 10.hish. ntah le.

but anyway, i explained all the interventions like group based therapy, family therapy, CBT include thought stopping, systemic desensitization, self-distraction, bla.bla.bla.
i explained about social aspect as well like keep engaging with mental health resource center that provide therapies such as art therapy, music therapy, and sports as well.

hadioh memenag aku takingat ape yg aku tulis kat sini.

5. therapeutic reraltionship.

aku pon membebel pasal core condition of Carl Rogers : empathy, unconditional psoitive regard, genuineness, should be in the therapeuitc remationship with patients. there are 3 phases of this rerlationship: orientation phase, working phase and termination phase.

damn it!! aku baru igt aku lansung tak cakap what makes it different from social relationship!! fuck off!!! huarg!! bodos!!!!

ok. fuhh.dah lepas! lantak kau lah!.anyway aku explained pasal all the phases memang panjang melebar la. tak sanggup nak tulis kat sini tetibe cam takde mood an bile pkir ade point aku tertinggal. ni gara-gara aku tak tahan nak kencing sangat la ni. bodoh punye nescafe. sebab kau ar aku rasa nak terkencing time nak exam! bongok!!!!

6. Scenario. pasal psychotic patient develop relapse. so ape nursing interventions dan banyak lagi la dia tanya. disebabkan baldder aku dah kembung macam nak pecah aku gi tahan kencing, aku tak leh focus nak jawab tajuk ni. tapi 3 page panjang melebar aku explain. huwaa!!

lantak kau lah! dah habis!! bubye mental health!! next!!!! Patient Education Paper!!!!

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