Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Year 4 Post Exam Reflection: Patient Education and Medical Sociology

both subjects, not that too difficult, but not that too easy, but my arms ache like i have muscular dystrophy cause i have to write papers nonstop since yesterday and today!! and THANK GOD sebab besok paper statistic! Yuhuuu!!! (sambil menari macam pondan) Paper yang terpaling lah 'SENANG' kannn!!!! x) memang mampos la aku besok.

Patient Education

Patient education, 2 questions: one was about methodology of teaching. i thought we can pick any method that we want but unfortunately it had been set lecture and tutorial. stupid. nasib baik aku baca lecture dengan small group discussion kan. kalau tak mampos aku tak bole jawab. nasib baik la dia tak tanya role play ke, demonstration, memang mampos la aku.

so, lecture and tutorial. whatt are the benefits and what are the disadvantages. another one question was about the teaching plan for obese patient with the family history of diabetes and hypertension. so, i explain, bla bla bla. it tooks 1 hour and half and memang tak cukup masa and i wrote all the silly milly merepek meraban until 2 booklets of papers i wasted.

damn, just wait for the result. im not hoping for anything, not hoping for that damn A+++++ i just hope i will pass, that would be enough. (;

Medical Sociology

6 questions but we can only choose 2, so without thinking too much, i picked up Hospital as a Social System and Dengue Fever. walaweh, seriously memang aku tak rugi present topic Hospital as a Social System tu sebab memang ramai yang amik tajuk tuh. perh, bagus jugak. haha. yang bestnye, all the presentation about Hospital as a Social System was prepared all by MYSELF even though i was grouped with the other colleague. they found the craps one but that slide presentation and the information in there were totally all made by myself and nothing being added up by them, none at all. and fewh! keluar plak utk exam kan. prof hood pon macam rase ape yg group aku present ni macam sesuai letak kat dalam exam question kan, so im so happy sebab prof hood amik topik aku utk exam. im so lovely lucky! hahaha.

im so lucky la lately. soalan mental health pasal Learning Theories pon aku dengan ong dan jun present masa kelas patient education, tetibe kuar plak kat mental health kann. leganya aku tak sia-sia menelaah internet dan buku utk present tajuk tu, dan dan plak kuar exam kann.

tajuk intevention pasal voice hearer pon kuar gak kat soalan exam, hadoih memang im so lucky la sebab aku macam orang gila prepare utk present tajuk tu. dah le sume info takde dalam buku. pinjam buku belambak kat library, sume tak bole pakai. sume cakap pasal medical aspect je, pasal drug ke jadah je, at the end info yang aku dapat sume pakai korek campur aduk maklumat dari journals research and articles yang dah publish. haha. syok.syok. Mr. U pon cakap better find out dari journal sebab tu lagi terkini termini kan. hohoho.

u now what, all psychotic drugs are sucks. not good for psy patients. what best for patient is the psychosocial interventions.

Entry made by Future Mental Health Nurse Wannabe!!!!
(sambil menyanyi lagu Britney Spear Part - Lucky)


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