Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wearing Hijjab in Islamic view

i was just read an article in i.luvislam about how Britain perceive Islam in their country, something like that. then i remembered back then in UK when i was in my mental health posting, it was my last day before i leave that country, i was having a small discussion with a guy, one of the team members, we we're talk about Islam. to be truth, im not that expert enough to explain about Islam but i did try my best to tell my opinion about my religion, Islam.

 im not sure whether i already share this story in the previous entry or not, but, never mind, i tell again.
ok. so this guy, he asked me, why do i wear hijjab?  i think he must have been bugging with this question since a long time ago, since he said to me that he really wants to know what are the reasons all Muslims wear hijjab.

so i told him, because of i have to cover my aurat./ my body/ my skin/ my hair. its a must in my religion. he asked why? i said, because i think woman is the most beautiful God's living creature that i think as a woman i have to control it, keep it or save it for the "legal" one which is my husband.

he asked me, if the body part, the skin, the hair all the aurat are defined as a beauty, why didn't i show it? is that what most woman always wanted to do? so i said yeah i agree with him, all woman wants to be seen beautiful, but as a human as well, we have to control ourself. for example, you have to control your diet because you wants to maintain your weight, you have to control your anger to maintain your social relationship, therefore, to me as a woman, i have to control a what-so-called-beauty of myself so i can control my attitude, behavior, ethic, modesty and morality.

plus, a beauty of a woman, to most guys (i think all guys) they will perceive woman as sex. sorry, a bit of sensitive issue, but i have to be a bit open minded about this.

i said to him, depends on how culture in the country itself works, in my country, if Malay Muslim woman did not wearing hijjab, they will perceived by most Malay Muslim guys as a sexy. but in Brittain, "free-hair" or showing hair is a normal and they will not perceived as a sexy.

But why in Brittain, most guys don't perceive woman showing hair as a sexy? because everyday every time they will see woman in everywhere without covering their hair. its culturally accepted that showing hair is non-sexy. but in Malaysia or most Islamic countries, most Muslim guys, they  see woman covering their hair, their body part, their aurat,everyday, everywhere, if there a woman showing their hair, they will perceive them as a sexy.

if woman is the beauty God's living creature, then the beauty has it price. the beauty is the most worth thing ever woman can have. so in Islam, asking woman to cover their aurat (their beautiness), means that Islam wants woman to keep their price of that beauty, to prevent social problems, and many more reasons and yeah, as well as to save it for the legal one of course. legal one i means here the Halal one, the husband of course. :)

try to imagine if all woman are naked, everyday and everywhere. and all guys see them all the naked woman everywhere everyday, for the first second time, yeah, they will perceive them as a sexy, but then in a period of time, after a long time, they would feel nothing anymore. they wont perceive those naked woman as a sexy anymore. so where is the price?

some goes to hijjab. hijjab is about way of controlling. to control not just physically but as well as spiritually.
hijjab is about way to limit. boundaries. sometimes we need limitation in order to maintain a good quality of life. a good quality of a person as a whole.

to anyone who still unsure whether to wear or not to wear hijjab, it's not to late for you to wear. if you afraid people might call you hypocrite, for the first time, second time, YES YOU NEED TO BE HYPOCRITES in order to discipline yourself, then later after a period of time, it will naturally become one of your routine and you will feel great about it. try. or you will never know.
good luck. 

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