Tuesday, March 15, 2011

management posting, 'stupid' doctor, pray for Japan, birthday girl

i truly need times for myself and seriously shit i wanted so much to write plenty things in here but it just i haven't got enough time. im doing management posting at surgery 2 ward then i'll be posted at medical 1 next week till end 1st week April. currently i'm doing quite well and the management it does not that really hard as what i thought, this 3rd week i guest 70% I had covered as being incharge nurse for cubicle and taking care for 6-8 patients, it was not that really hard but not that easy peasy as well. lucky me i guess i havent met any difficult situation (yet) like patient collapse, emergency situation or anything like that, so im still cant define myself as competent yet because im still at that comfort zone. trust me, its was not really comfy at all. at first week, everyone is like dying because of starving cause we have no time to have lunch cause had to write reports instead of managing cubicle especially in acute cubicle. 

this week, yesterday, i was being incharge nurse for cubicle 3, i took care 5 patients, i wrote reports in BHT, i follow doctors round, i attended to patients, we even serve meds by our-self, the staff nurses just supervising, i even bravely took morphine in the DDA cupboard and served to the patients, well of course i asked the staff nurse before I serve. and the insulin as well, i was rushing to serve insulin before their meal time, seriously i don't know where did i got that confident to do it by myself, it can be dangerous if medication error happens.

well, how can i get that confident?
1. take note during passing reports so I'll prepare better (esp for pt who needs insulin, because insulin have to serve before their meal time)
1. check the PS (medication chart)
2. check the BHT and the orders
3. check patient's status like pain level and BP (if wants to serve morphine), and blood sugar (for insulin) 
4. ask the staff nurses
5. lastly the 6 Rights, confirm many many many times the right patient (not the Bed number), right drug, right time, right dosage, right route (esp IV, I/m and S/c), and documentation (to prevent double serve).

than you thank you thank you Surgery Ward, i gained so much experience and I'm ready to work to be a real nurse!!! its 3 months left before i finish my study. hopefully I'll be a good staff nurse.

yesterday, one specialist scold one HO. last week another one senior doctor "tengking" one HO as well and called her "bodoh' until entire ward boleh dengar. yesterday i went to dialysis center at Midah to collect data, one patient also shared his story during hospitalization at HUKM and he said "what a stupid doctor" all doctors their are just 'maintaining' patient condition at level of safe but not trying to find the solution until the patient got kidney failure and now have to undergo hemodialysis. last time, one patient also complaint her doctor misdiagnosed her with tumor at cervix, then she underwent radiotherapy and accidentally damage the kidney and now she was told that it was not tumor. but the patient already had kidney failure and have to go hemodialysis. i asked pt why didn't she sue the doctors, she said she cant afford to pay a lawyer, so she just forgive the doctors, but i can see how sad and disappointed of her face. to sad, being treated like "bahan uji-kaji" and misdiagnosed at the end patient had to gone permanent hemodialysis of her entire life. another one patient also shared story to me, she cant afford to pay RM250 per dialysis, but the doctor said 'this dialysis center is the best'. you CANNOT do that! you should give options to the patient. i know he would knew few diaslysis centre which is more affordable, but he seem insisting the patient to continue pay the dialysis at his centre. can u imagine if one pt have to pay rm250/1 time dialysis X 3times/week X 4 weeks equal to rm3000 per one patient only. can u imagine how much money the dialysis center can made if one patient = rm3000, and the number of patients are about 200 X rm3000 = rm600,000 a dialysis center can made for one month. All this info shared by one intelligent patient who told me last time. i never thought about it before. he said if you want to be a rich doctor, be a Nephrologist and open up your dialysis centre. if you want to be a rich nurse, study more in nephrology and handle the machine and work at the dialysis center. WOW. i want to be a dialysis nurse! jadi nurse pon boleh kaya rupanya! haha~ kidding. ;D

oh berbalik to the story of that "stupid" thing. senior doctors scold the junior doctors, called them 'stupid', the patients also called them 'stupid', even the nurses also called them 'stupid', so if you think that you are some kind of genious student at school and wants to become a doctor, make sure you prepared enough to be called 'stupid' as many many times for the whole of your life. if you want to be a doctor, you just have to endure with it. then you will built your patience. people think medical profession is always smart and intelligent, but i wonder why are we still being called stupid. nurses are also always being called stupid many times. but it does not really that much to compare with doctors. i solute the HO at Surgery 2, they are still friendly and seem enjoying themselves being HO even though got scolded many times, i guess they had prepared enough to endure it. hehe. well all the best to them. as long as they are friendly and not bodoh sombong like certain HO, i will respect them and give a hand as much as i can. otherwise, aku pon akan jadi bodoh sombong jugak kalau mereka sombong. gagahaha~ ;p

another 5 minutes is our future.
another 5 minutes one more tsunami can happen,
another 5 minutes, more people in Japan are crying when they found their beloved bodies, 
another 5 minutes we might lost somebody we love,
another 5 minutes we might die because of nature or accident.
so please make that 5 minutes precious as much as possible.

semoga akak aku pon selamat disana. i miss her already. :(

oh ya, tomorrow is my birth day,
thank you mama for giving birth of me in this world,
tiada hadiah yang paling istimewa yang pernah wani dapat selain mama dan ayah yang masih berada disisi wani. ya Allah panjangkan umur mama ayah ku agar aku dapat berbakti dan membalas jasa mereka. Amin.

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