Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lucky things to appreciate

nothing much to write since im in the study week mood, however i don't want to miss updating my current precious life-moment since life is too short to be wasted.

Thank You.

Thank You, so many good things happen in my life. hopefully i'll keep reminding myself how lucky i am so far.
another lucky thing that might happen to me in the future (hopefully):

1.  finishing study. bubye student life!!!!
2. graduating and holding a scroll.
3. my supervisor gonna publish our research.
4. holiday trip with my family (we're probably going to Bandung) yipie. :'D
5.finding a job near to my hometown, so i don't need to look for rental house (really wish for the best!!!))
6. marrying a prince and get an adorable child :'D hahahahaha..

ok. study mode.

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