Tuesday, May 3, 2011


one more,
im currently taking lactoferrin supplement for my immune system.. just started 4 days ago.
lately I've been having flu continuously, vitamin C didn't help much, hope this one would help. i bought this one by online because they don't sell it at pharmacy or any drugstores. in Wikipedia, it said Lactoferrin is high in colostrum. but this one im taking is the one from cows la(of course :p).

and Evening Primrose, which consists gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid (LA). been taking for a month and just started the second bottle. this one really really amazingly works wonders on my deathly menstrual period pain. ='( and also my insomnia. =)

ok. thats all.
i don't care how much money i wasted, as long as im happy.
and its my money.


aiNz said...

hai... i was blog walking... tetiba jumpa blog u. why don't u try 4Life Transfer Factor™ Advanced Formula. it's a food supplement yang sangat bagus utk imun sistem. emel me if u need more info hehe... saja je, just wanna share. btw, nice blog! :)

aiNz said...

lupa plak, my emel: ainz80@gmail.com :)

Hazwani said...

I really want to know the result of Praventac on your skin. Please email me. Im just starting using it. Thank you =)


norshazwani nasaruddin said...

wani, ada FB tak? do add me, then we can talk more about it k.

i'll post about my praventac later, sorry didnt post it before, malu nak tunjuk ugliness of my picture before taking it.