Thursday, June 30, 2011

Parsley & Mandarin Skin Food

Last 7 months, I was struggling with my skin condition, I had serious major breakouts since I came back from UK, I met so many skin consultants, some said because of the temperature changes, because of hormonal changes, and many more cause-related. I had tried so many products and it seems they were not working on me and even worsens my skin condition until the last 2 months, I started to look for the product that contains natural ingredient skincare line, and I found Skin Food in their website.

I went to the one of the Skin Food outlet at Sunway Pyramid and asked the assistant about the skincare product, she was really friendly and helpful, she explained every detail about the product and she even recommended what type of product suitable for my skin.

My skin type is very sensitive. Sometimes it can be too dry, and sometimes it can be too oily, depends on my hormonal changes, temperature or whatsoever. Basically my skin breakouts not just because of the oily skin, but sometimes when my skin is too dry, it will breakouts too. So what I need is the product which is not too strong (such as contains salicylic acid) which causing my skin will become more dryness.

The girl suggested me to try Parsley & Mandarin Skin Food product (for troubled skin), and now I had been using this product for a month already. All I can say, God thank you so much to SKIN FOOD. My skin condition had become much better than before.

I really excited to try the other products from SKIN FOOD, because now I’m believing on this product, I know I may be a new user of this product, but after trying so many expensive products which worsen my skin and right now this is the first time in my life I feel that I can trust on this product as it really working tremendously on me. Thank You Skin Food. I’m glad I found you.  

oh ya, Forgot to mention:

Parsley & Mandarin Skin Food had clearing my skin from acne. The mandarin smells really good, and it feels refreshing too.  It does not drying neither causing oily to my skin.  It definitely the product best suits my skin.

6 Dinamik SKDK

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Abstract: The Impact of Patient Education on Quality of Life Amongst Haemodialysis Patients

Introduction:  End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality that impinge on quality of life amongst haemodialysis patients.
Objective: To examine the effect of patient education and to measure to what extend it has on pretest and posttest on quality of life amongst haemodialysis patients.
Method: A quasi-experimental with one group pretest-posttest design with triangulation in the data collection amongst haemodialysis patients in Cheras Dialysis Centre. A sample of 72 respondents was recruited in this study. The modified KDQOL-SF™ comprises of 71 items questionnaire to measure the quality of life and three semi-structured questions to explore patient’s experiences pretest-posttest. Patient education was implemented as treatment after pretest data collection. 
Results: The findings reported an improvement in quality of life after implementation of patient education. The haemodialysis patients’ possessed good quality of life with total mean and standard deviation of pretest score (66.73±11.670) and posttest score with (69.71±10.768).  There were significant differences between pretest and posttest in the domains of symptom/problems with (t=-4.921, p values <0.05) and effects of kidney disease with (t=-2.061, p values <0.05).   Three main themes emerged, firstly lifestyle changes, divided into three subthemes: restrict life; limitations; physical and psychological changes. The second theme was coping mechanism, divided into two subthemes: loving from others; trust in god and accept it as part of life. The third theme was improvement areas, divided into two subthemes: health education and dialysis setting.
Conclusion: The findings reported improvement in quality of life amongst haemodialysis patients after the implementation of patient education. It is deemed that haemodialysis patients in Cheras Dialysis Centre possess adequate quality of life. Furthermore, the patient education has provided a great implications towards the importance of knowledge regarding or lifestyle modification, disease process, and dietary and fluid management in haemodialysis patients. 

anybody kalau nak request nak pinjam my thesis, do let me'll be my honor to lend you one. =)

final sem result, thesis, presentation, check out from kolej dan KOnvo!!!! :p

result exam yang memuaskan utk sem terakhir ni. 
dan yang paling penting thesis aku A-. haha. mati2 aku igt akan fail sbb mse kes presentation ari tuh.
 k, nak cerita la sikit pasal presentation research aku.. aku sebenarnya malu ar nak cita pada awalnya sebab menyedihkan and sound pathetic. tapi since aku dpt A- aku rasa tak la teruk mana pon. aku je ter emosi lebih2. 

masa habis exam haritu, kiotng ada presentation research. dan diantara judges salah satunya Prof XY sorang ni. of course la lelaki tu pasal aku tulis XY chromosome. haha. garang la. habis sorang2 punya research presentation kene hentam. dan yang paling teruk nya group aku la (aku dengan Tay). 

sebelum tu, ak nak cerita sikit pasal thesis aku dgn Tay, kitorng buat tajuk research 'The Impact of patient Education on Quality of Life Amongst Haemodialysis Patients". nanti ak post entry pasal thesis ni. tp research group aku je yang lain dari lain sebab kitorang buat experimental study while semua orang group lain buat cross sectional study. 

seriously u had no idea how much time, money and energy we spent on this thesis, and thank God we received quite a lot money form ethic otherwise making this thesis would be impossible. aku dengan Tay, macam orang gila bagi patient education to every patient, every each of them, one-to-one patient education. patient kami ada 72 plak tu.

Tambahan pulak, patient aku on dialysis, so of course la mcm mana diorng nak jawab queationnaire, terpaksa la alu dgn tay tanya satu2 soalan contoh nya "pakcik, adakah pakcik berpuas hati dengan jagarawatan hemodialysis staff disini? pakcik sila pilih satu diantara 5 ini, 1 untuk sangat tidak puas hati, 2 untuk sedikit tidak puas hati, 3 biasa saja, 4 sedikit berpuas hati, dan 5 sangat berpuas hati???" pastu pakcik tu jawab "boleh tak anak ulang semula, pakcik kurang dengar la.." pastu ko pon dengan penuh kesabaran mengulang soalan itu semula. dan sampai soalan yang terakhir dimana ada dalam 60 soalan, dah habis masa 1 jam untuk soalan. lepas tu ko nak start bagi patient education, cerita pasal penyakit buah pinggang, punca penyakit, mengawal pemakanan dan air, demonstrate exercise, contoh makanan high phosphate, pastu belum lagi kalo pakcik tu banyak plak soalan, paling lama bagi education pernah sampai 2 jam., hampir 2 jam masa habis untuk satu patient. dah ko bayangkan la kalo 72 patients. 

aku dengan tay, habis je posting pukul 3, berkejar ke dialysis centre kat cheras, naik teksi, dapat interview dan bgi education dapat paling ramai pon 3 patient. ada sekali tu tak dapat patient sebab patient dialysis ni 3 kali treatment, so akan jumpa patient yang sama.. kalo lepas intrview tu, pastu balik umah dah pukul 7.30pm.. penat sgt.. penat yang amat sgt ya Allah je la yg tahu betapa penatnye nak buat research nie.. sampai suara pecah sebab banyak bercakap, nak interview, nak educate patient, ulang benda yg sama setiap2 patient..

sampai la masa reseach presentation, prof XY ckp, reseach aku ni tak sesuai/ tak reliable, result tak tepat, bias, sebab dia ckp, kalau you bagi patient ni A, you kena bagi patient yang lain A jugak. maksudnya, kalo aku educate partient A tentang satu benda, info tu kena sama untuk setiap patient.
masalahnya MR PROF XY, ini adalah patient education. something yang subjective. kalau patient A sy bagi A, patient B sy bagi A jugak, lepas tu patient B tanya, apakah cara nak kurangkan gatal2 kulit, dan saya kena la cakap kat dia "maaf pakcik, saya tak boleh bagitahu sebab info yg sy bagi kat pakcik kena sama dgn info yg sy bagi kat patient lain" tak ke lagi banganag tu? lagi la langgar ethical. patient right to get patient education ok.

mmg la reseach aku experimental, kena control dari bias, tapi pikir la ni patient education, bukan nya experiemntal mcm bagi drug ke, kalo drug/medication, bagi patient A 500mg, tapi patient B bagi 1000 mg sebab dia obese, ha yang tu boleh la ckp bias. tapi patient education, mana la nak boleh control education tu?? aku tak paham betul la prof tu boleh comment mcm tu. 

lagi satu, kitorang punya research ada gudeline. 1st, assessment, assess patient level of understanding dulu, mana datang2 terus ckp "pakcik penyakit buah pinggang ini bla bla bla" "pakcik kena kurang makan itu ini bla bla bla.." kalo pakcik tu 80 tahun , mana education dia sama dgn pakcik berumur 40 tahun? pakcik 40 tahun plak dia educated, google pasal penyakit dia, so takkan kita nak bagi patient education kat pakcik umur 40tahun sama sgn pakcik 80 tahun??? 

so, by the end memang la tak boleh nak bagi sama rata kat semua orang kan??? except la drug/medication yg mcm aku ckp tadi.. lagipon research aku mengenai nursing profession. nak buktikan yang nurses main peranan dalam educate patient dan bagaimana education yg nurse bagi tu memberi impact kat quality of life seseorang.. by the end, mmg ada significant pon kat result kitorang.. especially physical symptom improved. anyway, aku bersyukur sgt, aku dapt bagi education kat patient, free plak tu, patient pon happy, aku tak lupa ada patient bagitahu aku, "terima kasih sebab beri info, takda pon sebelum ni sesiapa yang nak ajar saya benda2 ni" ya Allah gembira aku taw bila patient appreciate kita mcm tu,  at least reseach aku ni betul2 menguji aku untuk menjadi nurse dalam educate patient. betul, sgt menguji. susah jugak nak bagi ilmu pengajaran pada pesakit, lagi2 yang dah putus asa, taknak improve quality of life, kitong dah mcm buat sesi conselling, dengar je patient luahkan perasaan tentang penyakit dia..

lepas presentation tu, prof XY tgh menjamu selera dgn lecturer yg lain, ternampak aku, pastu dia cakap kat lecturer sebelah dia, "ada satu group ni saya fail kan, yang buat pasal kidney tu"  pastu lecturer yang lain nampak aku, dia cakap, "ala prof gurau je la. dont take it seriously.." huhu, mmg dia saja je usik aku sebab kitong punya group kena hentam teruk masa present, tapi masa aku balik bilik, aku menangis terus sgt..

lagi2 masa lepas present, jumpa prof Ho, dia cakap, kita ubah semua research kita, takyah buat experimental, just amik result pre-test,buat cross sectional study utk quality of life. ak dgn tay tak setuju, sebab kalo mc tu baik takyah bagi education tu semua sgn buat post-test lagi. sia2 je.. nak pendekkan cerita, tak ubah apa2 pon reseach tu..

tapi masa balik bilik tu aku down sgt... aku menagis teruk sgt. aku rasa sia2 je aku penat2 bagi patient education, interview sorang2, dapat result yg significant pon rasa tak guna je.. 

jsut now aku check result final sem aku, Alhamdulillah dapat A- untuk thesis. prof Ho ada tnya prof XY selepas presentation tu, Prof XY tu dia mmg sengaja hentam kitorng sbb reseach kitong yg lain dari lain, so hentam la puas2, tapi dia mmg dah bagi A pon.. proses buat thesis tu semua dah ok dah. dan bias tu mana2 reseaxh pon boleh terjadi. lagi satu markah tambahan jgk sebab kitong ada buat qualitatif study. puan santhana pon suka baca thesis kitorng. dia ckp very good. huhu, dia pon mmg lecturer yg buat reseach quali, mmg la dia suka, group lain tak sure ada ke yg buat qualitative study.

anyway, gembira sgt, aku puas hati la dpt A- pon, tak sia-sia penat habis masa habis tenaga, habis air mata menangis buat reseach ni, by the end, aku dapat kredit, patient aku pon happy dapat banyak free education. Alhamdulillah. takda siapa rugi disini. =)

yess.. sem ni aku bole dpt dekan lagi ke?. haha. boleh ke?
sem ni 3.62. so, PNGK 3.47, huh naik 0.01 je.. tp takpe la, Alhamdulillah.
sepatutnya sebelum ni dpt 3 anugerah dekan, tp dapat 1 je sbb yg lagi 2 tu tak tuntut, dah burn sijil tu. masa year 2.. collect lambat sgt, akk kat pej akademik tu kata dah buang la sbb tak tuntut awal2. haha. leh lak cmtu kann. yg satu ak dpt ni mse sem 2 year 3 punya.. ni dpt 3.62 leh la dpt lgi satu kan?? kan?? huhu.. nak nak nakkkk nak sijillll..nak lagii.. huwaaa... =')

oh ya, Amalan Kejururawatan II aku dapat B+ tu adalah paper law and ethic.
huhu, aku ni tak terer la paper law.. kalo aku terer dah lama aku amik course lawyer ok..
dan aku ni dikategorikan nurse takda etika la ni? sebab tak dapat A? kalo aku kene sue dengan patient, sure kalah la nie? ahahaha. 

Fakulti lain siap ada Majlis Anugerah Dekan, bertuahnya korang. kami mana ada anugerah2 ni. kalau kita dapat anugerah dekan, kita sorang2 je la tahu. itu pon kalau tahu, kalau tak tahu, habis burn sijil macam sijil aku masa tahun 2, dah burn sebab tak tuntut, sebab aku tak tahu.. anyway, apa yang bestnye sijil ni? boleh membantu ke dapat keje? aku tak rasa sijil ini membuktikan seseorang tu pandai.. kadang2 rasa macam nonsense je sijil anugerah dekan ni. anyway, alhamdulillah, dapat satu pon, at least ada dari takda..

oh ya, aku malu nak tunjuk gambar ni, tapi ni la bilik kolej aku masa tengah exam week. sorry la, aku memang lintang pukang time exam, tak makan, tak minum, tak tidur, tak mandi, tak mengemas, bersepah terbungkang bilik aku time exam. haha. ni la bilik tidur kolej aku yang telah membantu aku mendapat 4A- dan 1B+, so kalau sapa2 rasa ini memberi sumber inspirasi, sila la follow perangai aku. haha.


kalau macam bosan kan, kita boleh main game cari barang tersembunyi di sini.. ('=
ada topi, jam, double A paper, medal, HP, apa lagi.. best ni, boleh buat game! =')

 ni plak dah masa last dah check out dari kolej.. bersih kosong bilik aku. ok la, satu kereta je nak punggah semua barang..kira ok what.. takda la banyak sgt barang aku kan.. tapi satu kereta pon, mak aku drive kereta tu, semua orang macam pandnag pelik.. mungkin penuh sgt kot.. huhu.

sekarang ni tunggu result LJM.. risau gak, rasa macam susah sgt exam LJM ari tu. takotnya kalau fail.. kalau fail aku kena repeat bulan 9.. time tu suppose bulan KOnvokesyen. aku nak konvo. taknak repeat paper. huhu. takot. ='(

 aku dah nak bayar rm110 untuk konvo ni, jgn cakap tak jadi plak sebab kene repeat exam. TAKNAK!!!!!

bismillahirahmanirahim. AKU NAK LULUS LJM! ='(
nak jadi nurse, nurse NURSE jugak!
tak muhu jadi benda lain, nak jadi nurse jugakkkkk...
wuwuwuwuwuuuu.. (TT.TT)

oh ya, nak update Graft aku!!!
dari sem 1 sampai la sem 8. hehe.
sem 1 hancusss..
menangis mcm org gila aku time tu bila kene repeat paper.
siyes menanges macam ada org mati!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

MAGNIFICENT LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM!!! :D blog contest by Koolred Air Asia

I am entering the writing blog contest, VOTE FOR ME! first, click the link 

and then, click 'Kool' at the above of the entry, and you'll need to sign up.
sign up as usual, then click my 'kool' button again!!! anyway, anyone can participate in this contest once you sign up! so, why wait? join this contest and let's support each other! i'll vote you back! :D

here is the entry that i made:

It took 13 hours directly from LCCT, Kuala Lumpur to Stansted, London by Air Asia, it was a real long way journey to travel but it was worthy amazing experience I looking forward to. I went to London, United Kingdom for 2 months for my Mental Health Nurse student clinical placement while I was so grateful to get a precious chance of life experience travelling alone to United Kingdom, London. 

Elephant & Castle

In the first week, I can’t adjust myself with the new environment, weather, and sleep pattern as England is 7 hours earlier that Malaysia time and it was during autumn-winter season. I went for London sightseeing in the first week, I really enjoyed the spectacular scenery of England, and there are no words to describe how beautiful the place was.

Transportation system in England is so much developed to be compared with other countries. People in England don’t mind to go to work by buses or bicycles. And it’s unbelievable to see the politeness people of this country would take seriously on the safety measurement such as wearing helmet and yellow jacket when cycling. I don’t have to worry if I run late to somewhere or I got lost somewhere since there were so many buses and taxi everywhere. And every bus/tube/train stops would provide with maps for people to refer.

Underground Tube
I am amazed with culture and lifestyle practised by the citizen with different races and religious in this Metropolitan country. They are friendly, polite and respect the women. In the workplace, they would smile and greet each other, and the men always concern the women first such as open doors and give priority to women. 

Trafalgar Square

Before I went here, I was quite worried on how am I going to search for Halal food, places for prayer, prayer times that keeps changing, Qiblat, and since I’m a person wearing Hijjab, I was afraid of being discriminate. However, I changed my perception. I was wrong. People in that country were really friendly towards me. They even asked a lot of questions about Malaysia and I was so proud to tell any story about my country. Perhaps, I was not the only Muslim in this country, there were plenty more, and thankfully I don’t find any obstacles or harder time since I had chances to know few Muslims in this country. And there were many Halal food stores and Mosques that I can go as well.  

I went to Hyde Park, the largest park in the London. I went to Buckingham palace. Trafalgar square, London Bride, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Parliament, Natrual History Museum, Science Museum and they were definitely free for entrance. 

Tower Bridge
Big Ben & Parliament
  Buckingham Palace
Hyde Park

I am so inspired discovering the amazing facts about life, the planet, our environment and evolution when I went to National History Museum. In the museum, there were incredible displayed of real specimens, rocks and mineral, complete fossils of dinosaurs and other extinct animals. I’m totally impressed of most of the exhibition in the museum in this country because they provided so many guides such as map, leaflet, pamphlet, poster, auto-visual, photography, video and many more source of information. 

National History Museum

The British Museum is a museum of human history and culture in London. One of the exhibitions that I was fascinated about was the exhibition about Egyptians’ journey from death to afterlife. I was mesmerized when I see there were so many mummies were displayed and one of them was the body of Cleopatra. I feel like I was in the ‘The Mummy’ movie. 

British Museum

Apart from that, the featured objects in the exhibition also come from across the whole of Asia, including India, China, Mongolia, Tibet, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea and Japan. There were also exhibition about Islamic world where there were collections of Islamic art such as ceramic, writing, costume of war, and many more. It was a unique opportunity to view rarely-seen items in the British museum’s collection. 

On 3rd week in London, I went to Emirates Stadium. I am a big fan of Arsenal Football Team as well as my two younger brothers. I went there, took pictures of the magnificent huge stadium and I bought some souvenirs. Emirates Stadium is the one of the most spectacular, stunning and technologically advanced stadiums in the world football. It was a great opportunity to gain an insight of the Football Team by visiting the stadium and now I understand why Arsenal has become a popular Football Team and why  the stadium become a popular London tourist attraction as well as a must-see for Arsenal fans. 

Emirates Stadium

Last but not least, as a girl for me, Shopping is THE MUST. The best place to shop in London is definitely an Oxford Street. There are 548 shops on Oxford Street. And the one most favourite shop in that country is the cheaper and affordable: Primark. I love to go to Primark because the clothes and the items sell in there were not just only affordable and cheap but the quality is extremely good as the expensive one that we usually bought at Zara, Top Shop, MNG, etc. Anyone who wanted to go there, don’t forget to drop by at Marble Arc, the only place that sells cheap souvenirs for tourists all over the world.    


Oxford Circus

Piccadilly Circus 

Thank you for reading this entry!! Enjoy these spectacular scenery of autumn season! :D