Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Abstract: The Impact of Patient Education on Quality of Life Amongst Haemodialysis Patients

Introduction:  End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality that impinge on quality of life amongst haemodialysis patients.
Objective: To examine the effect of patient education and to measure to what extend it has on pretest and posttest on quality of life amongst haemodialysis patients.
Method: A quasi-experimental with one group pretest-posttest design with triangulation in the data collection amongst haemodialysis patients in Cheras Dialysis Centre. A sample of 72 respondents was recruited in this study. The modified KDQOL-SF™ comprises of 71 items questionnaire to measure the quality of life and three semi-structured questions to explore patient’s experiences pretest-posttest. Patient education was implemented as treatment after pretest data collection. 
Results: The findings reported an improvement in quality of life after implementation of patient education. The haemodialysis patients’ possessed good quality of life with total mean and standard deviation of pretest score (66.73±11.670) and posttest score with (69.71±10.768).  There were significant differences between pretest and posttest in the domains of symptom/problems with (t=-4.921, p values <0.05) and effects of kidney disease with (t=-2.061, p values <0.05).   Three main themes emerged, firstly lifestyle changes, divided into three subthemes: restrict life; limitations; physical and psychological changes. The second theme was coping mechanism, divided into two subthemes: loving from others; trust in god and accept it as part of life. The third theme was improvement areas, divided into two subthemes: health education and dialysis setting.
Conclusion: The findings reported improvement in quality of life amongst haemodialysis patients after the implementation of patient education. It is deemed that haemodialysis patients in Cheras Dialysis Centre possess adequate quality of life. Furthermore, the patient education has provided a great implications towards the importance of knowledge regarding or lifestyle modification, disease process, and dietary and fluid management in haemodialysis patients. 

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