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MAGNIFICENT LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM!!! :D blog contest by Koolred Air Asia

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It took 13 hours directly from LCCT, Kuala Lumpur to Stansted, London by Air Asia, it was a real long way journey to travel but it was worthy amazing experience I looking forward to. I went to London, United Kingdom for 2 months for my Mental Health Nurse student clinical placement while I was so grateful to get a precious chance of life experience travelling alone to United Kingdom, London. 

Elephant & Castle

In the first week, I can’t adjust myself with the new environment, weather, and sleep pattern as England is 7 hours earlier that Malaysia time and it was during autumn-winter season. I went for London sightseeing in the first week, I really enjoyed the spectacular scenery of England, and there are no words to describe how beautiful the place was.

Transportation system in England is so much developed to be compared with other countries. People in England don’t mind to go to work by buses or bicycles. And it’s unbelievable to see the politeness people of this country would take seriously on the safety measurement such as wearing helmet and yellow jacket when cycling. I don’t have to worry if I run late to somewhere or I got lost somewhere since there were so many buses and taxi everywhere. And every bus/tube/train stops would provide with maps for people to refer.

Underground Tube
I am amazed with culture and lifestyle practised by the citizen with different races and religious in this Metropolitan country. They are friendly, polite and respect the women. In the workplace, they would smile and greet each other, and the men always concern the women first such as open doors and give priority to women. 

Trafalgar Square

Before I went here, I was quite worried on how am I going to search for Halal food, places for prayer, prayer times that keeps changing, Qiblat, and since I’m a person wearing Hijjab, I was afraid of being discriminate. However, I changed my perception. I was wrong. People in that country were really friendly towards me. They even asked a lot of questions about Malaysia and I was so proud to tell any story about my country. Perhaps, I was not the only Muslim in this country, there were plenty more, and thankfully I don’t find any obstacles or harder time since I had chances to know few Muslims in this country. And there were many Halal food stores and Mosques that I can go as well.  

I went to Hyde Park, the largest park in the London. I went to Buckingham palace. Trafalgar square, London Bride, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Parliament, Natrual History Museum, Science Museum and they were definitely free for entrance. 

Tower Bridge
Big Ben & Parliament
  Buckingham Palace
Hyde Park

I am so inspired discovering the amazing facts about life, the planet, our environment and evolution when I went to National History Museum. In the museum, there were incredible displayed of real specimens, rocks and mineral, complete fossils of dinosaurs and other extinct animals. I’m totally impressed of most of the exhibition in the museum in this country because they provided so many guides such as map, leaflet, pamphlet, poster, auto-visual, photography, video and many more source of information. 

National History Museum

The British Museum is a museum of human history and culture in London. One of the exhibitions that I was fascinated about was the exhibition about Egyptians’ journey from death to afterlife. I was mesmerized when I see there were so many mummies were displayed and one of them was the body of Cleopatra. I feel like I was in the ‘The Mummy’ movie. 

British Museum

Apart from that, the featured objects in the exhibition also come from across the whole of Asia, including India, China, Mongolia, Tibet, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea and Japan. There were also exhibition about Islamic world where there were collections of Islamic art such as ceramic, writing, costume of war, and many more. It was a unique opportunity to view rarely-seen items in the British museum’s collection. 

On 3rd week in London, I went to Emirates Stadium. I am a big fan of Arsenal Football Team as well as my two younger brothers. I went there, took pictures of the magnificent huge stadium and I bought some souvenirs. Emirates Stadium is the one of the most spectacular, stunning and technologically advanced stadiums in the world football. It was a great opportunity to gain an insight of the Football Team by visiting the stadium and now I understand why Arsenal has become a popular Football Team and why  the stadium become a popular London tourist attraction as well as a must-see for Arsenal fans. 

Emirates Stadium

Last but not least, as a girl for me, Shopping is THE MUST. The best place to shop in London is definitely an Oxford Street. There are 548 shops on Oxford Street. And the one most favourite shop in that country is the cheaper and affordable: Primark. I love to go to Primark because the clothes and the items sell in there were not just only affordable and cheap but the quality is extremely good as the expensive one that we usually bought at Zara, Top Shop, MNG, etc. Anyone who wanted to go there, don’t forget to drop by at Marble Arc, the only place that sells cheap souvenirs for tourists all over the world.    


Oxford Circus

Piccadilly Circus 

Thank you for reading this entry!! Enjoy these spectacular scenery of autumn season! :D


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