Saturday, July 16, 2011

Arsenal Asia Tour - Event Made Video

Event made video during Arsenal Match. the video was taken during the whole day of event, sorry the part during the match was quite blurry since we were seated at 3rd floor, can't help it since our tickets were the cheapest one (rm68), HAHA~. never mind, next time, we'll go to Arsenal Emirates during their Match over there ok! I'll make sure I'll go there again one day with my siblings okay!!!!!

during the day, we went out from home at 3pm, quite earlier hope to get parking space. we arrived at almost 4 quite late because of the traffic jammed and the parking lot already crowded with cars and people, seriously???!!

after pair rm2 and parked the car, we went to the booths outside the stadium and bought the Malaysia flag,scarves, foodstuff, drinks, and taking pictures. we decided to do Asar in the prayer room inside the stadium, so at 4.30, we started to go to the green gate. at green gate, gosh, so many people queued already and it just 4.30, i bet they had queue since 4pm. so we went to the line in front of green gate, standing there doing nothing, chatting, eating foods, chatting, taking pictures, videos, sitting, standing and boring again, until 7.15 pm, then only we were allowed to enter the gate. many people were pissed off because have to wait for so long. 

during entering the gate, the fans started to sing Arsenal and Malaysia chants. our bags, pockets were checked, and when we entered the gate, we quickly ran to our seats..  me and my bro waited for his gf and her friend which arrived at 6.30, then we went Asar prayer.

The Arsenal and Malaysia game was quite entertained after all, but i was quite disappointed since Malaysia didn't score at all.. 0-4, Arsenal win the game.. i wore Malaysia jersey because i want to show my fully support to them, hoping them to get at least one score, to be truth i was disappointing. but anyway, they had play really well, they tried their best, and I will still support them no matter what.

Thank You very much to Harimau Malaya who scored 3 during the match with Liverpool yesterday.. now i feel so released. I feel like, hey don't stop losing hope them!!! i gained my trust back, i believed they will perform better during with Singapore later. i really wish!!!!! seriously, please win the game!
thank you safee sali and Safiq Rahim for the scores yesterday. and thank you to all the team-mates, you guys did a great job. 

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