Tuesday, January 28, 2014

bride to be : wedding checklist preparation and engagement pictures

He has EVERYTHING I WANT. everything i was looking for. he is the one. Thank You Allah, Alhamdulillah finally I am engaged to him. the perfect one, the one that makes me perfect, the one that makes me realize how beautiful the world is, how wonderful and blessed my life in this world, how lucky i am to be finally meeting my other half, my true love.  Every girl have their own version kind of love story, I have my own one. The one that I never created, it happens by its own way. People asking me how I met him, but only me and him and Allah knows how its happens. 

I am not writing about how I met him, how we know each other, all those past story, I am saving all that when people are asking me personally. But I am writing this as my journal of my life journey towards of marriage life, wedding preparation, bride to be, enjoying my single but not available life, enjoying my life as his fiance, before getting married. 

Here are my wedding preparation checklist. simple. short. I hate to see to much and complicated list so I made my own version one. 


1.Date (confirmed)
nikah : 6 june 2014 
bersanding: 7 june 2014
bertandang: 8 june 2014 

2. Venue (confirmed)
dewan dato othman haron, kem wardieburn
dewan somewhere in nilai -reception on his side ( totally forgot the name. hehe. :p )

sponsor by ayah :p

4. Invitation card (confirmed) 
Mesra Kad Kahwin, Wangsa Walk Mall.
sponsor by ayah :p
deposit: rm200

5. Dias (pelamin) (booked)
Shayana Creation, Klang - pelamin for bride's reception only
deposit: rm200

6. Official photographer (booked)
Finger Touch Photography
booked for 3 events (nikah, sanding and tandang)
deposit: rm500

7. Make up artist
not yet

8. Wedding dress (booked)
D'azzuieena Bridal, Danau Kota - booked for 2 receptions, include 2 set of accessories. 
deposit: rm500

9. Doorgift
not yet

10. Hantaran
 for him: 9 dulang
for me: 7 dulang

not yet. too lazy. last minutes saja :p

12. Honeymoon 
date: confirmed
flight ticket: booked
hotel/accomodation: sponsored by ... :p 
venue: rahsia :p

okey. that's all the preparation that has been done. for hantaran, we had bought perfumes, and for him, I already bought his shoe, and my hantaran, satu apa pon tak beli. for sure i want MK purse!!!  
and for all the paperwork, we have to settle by this march when I'm coming back. Kursus kahwin also I have to settle. urgh, kenapa la masa student aku lansung tak amik kisah nak attend kursus kahwin yg melambak2 free kat uni,  sekarang baru kelam kabut. nyesal pon dah tak guna. pgi je la. aku nak paksa dia pegi jugak walaupon dia dah pegi. hahahuahua xD


oww, btw here are some of out engagement pictures:
our engagement ceremony went smoothly on 19 January 2014 on Sunday morning. Alhamdulillah. Syukur. 

more picture in my Instagram. 

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