Monday, February 10, 2014

Bride To Be: My Wedding Invitation Card by Mesra Kad Kahwin


Hello everyone. Just to update my bride to be preparation, Alhamdulillah, the draft for my wedding invitation card has been done by Mesra Kad Kahwin, now they are going to proceed with the printing. I know it seems to early for the wedding invitation card to be made, its 4 months to go but since everything has been decided, the date, the venue, so why not settle it now especially the printing because the most difficult one will be distributing the cards especially those who long distance family and relatives, we need to go balik kampung at kedah, Perak and even negeri Sembilan to distribute the cards. 

My wedding invitation card design: *design by Mesra Kad Kahwin.

The package they offer:

Here is the package that we took.
1000pcs kad kahwin
1000pcs kotak telur   exchange with 400pcs kotak boesar for goodie box
50 pcs hard cover
2 pcs bunting
2 pcs couple t-shirts   exchange with 2 pcs bunting
1000 pcs envelope bercetak
1 guest book   exchange with 1 canvas
1 canvas

More info about Mesra Kad Kahwin 
Lot 1-03, Wangsa Walk Mall,Wangsa Maju
016-668 1812

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