Sunday, February 16, 2014

Retail Therapy: My Fabulous Red Metallic Studded Spikes Pazzion Shoe Review


Hello everyone! I am finally purchased my favorite shoe, PAZZION. !! Yippe. I'm so happy! I know I have 2 weeks more before I packed my stuff and going back to Malaysia, I know i should limit my stuff cuz afraid my luggage exceed but hell what, I dont care! Because Pazzion is not available in Malaysia and i need a retail therapy for myself after worked so hard for 2 years in Brunei so YES i just bought myself a pair of shoe, Brunei Dollar 79.90 whist around RM 205. Yep. so expensive. so what. my money. my hard work. a treat to myself. :)

 Pazzion only available in Gadong, The Mall, in Brunei, and I know if I dont buy this goods i will regret. I know my trip to Singapore will be in this march, but i cant wait when i see them. I'm afraid they out of stock in Singapore (which is impossible since Singapore is where they made from). 

At the shop i was quite dilemma to choose between two, the red one and the gold. I know I need pairs of shoe for my Solemnization and Reception events, I dont want to use ones provided by the vendor, I hate it, its too high for me. Somehow I need one for my casual use as well. So, i dont know, at the end I bough the red one which I know I will use it for  normal day. Maybe, during my Singapore trip, i will buy another pair of shoe for my wedding. 

Whatever it is, I am so happy i bought this shoe! Its so pretty and gorgeous. The color is so pop. I like the design which the heel is embellished with dazzling diamonds and metallic spikes. its so rock. They had in black color too but i love this red. It's so elegant and sexy and glamorous!  

Thank You For Reading Everyone!

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