Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bride-To-Be: Preview Doorgift for Reception and D.I.Y. TQ Tag


Alhamdulillah. aku dah balik Malaysia. Permanently. 2 Years I survived. Banyak pengalaman pahit manis aku lalui sepanjang 2 Tahun di negara orang, jauh dari keluarga, but whatever, I am not going to talk about how's my life is going or whatever past I had been through, I am going to review my Bride-To-Be preparation: my doogift and Thank You tag review.

For my doorgift for reception, Alhamdulillah, mama sponsored everything. I just help her and pay few stuffs. For doorgift, we decide to give a very simple gift and pay more for the menu.

I will share more about the cost we paid for overall spent after the wedding, but now, I will just share the doorgift sample.

Btw, I design and print the TQ tag by myself. I downloaded the tq tag at pinterest and edit it at . Its totally free! 

I edited my TQ tag at

This is my TQ tag. :)

You can right click and save the template as well! :p

Thank You for Reading! :))

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