Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shopping at IKEA Damansara

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hye everyone. Today post, i just want to share my thought and experience during shopping at IKEA Damansara and what I bought from Ikea.

I went to IKEA driving alone and with the help with GPS, and it took like almost 1 hour from Setiawangsa to Damansara, it should be shorter if I knew the way to go there. :(

I am not sure if there were any LRT or Train to go to Ikea Damansara, I guess NO except only Taxi for public transport. So anyone who planning to go to Ikea I would suggest using taxi or your own transport.

Before i went to Ikea, a night before, I had decided what I'm going to buy. By searching and looking thorough the website www.ikea.com.my we can check the items that we want to buy either its available or not in Ikea Damansara. 

Example on how you plan your shopping at Ikea:

If you want to buy a wardrobe:
1. what range of price you can afford 
2. the size of the wardrobe 
3. where you want to place your wardrobe

You also need to check the availability and the location of the item:

I did measure the size and where I want to place my furniture in my room, I also compare the price range with the size and functional. Once i decided what I want to buy from Ikea, I made a list.

My Shopping Items:
1.Marius Stool
2. Svajs Clothes cover
3. Lack Side Table
4. Bagis clothes hanger
5. Malm Chest of 3 Drawers
6. Billy Bookcase
7. Aneboda Wardrobe 

I went to Ikea many times, and most of the time i wasted my time wandering around and dont know what to buy. More upsetting if the things I want to buy are not available and I cannot find where is the location. But by searching around the website, its really help me to decide what I want to buy and what best for me in term of price range , the size and functionality of the product.

This time I only spent 1 hour at Ikea to get what i want. I didnt wasted much time wandering around, I went to the Showroom at level 2 to see the display items and then i went to the 1st floor to buy my things. The problem in Ikea Damansara, they dont do online shopping where people can just do shopping directly. If we want to shop at Ikea we have to go the the store and collect things we want to buy and pay at the counter. After done paying, I went to the Home Delivery Service Counter and pay for the service. 

At the counter, we can choose either just want to deliver the products or we can also pay for the Assembly service. For my charges, I have to pay:

Home Delivery Service : RM75.00 (within KL and Klang Valley)
Assembly Service: 8% of the price of the item RM48.56
Total : RM123.56

It tooks 3 days for my items to be delivered and around 1 hour and half for the assembly. Overall, I am so happy shopping at Ikea, less time spent at the store when all i want are available and the home delivery and assembly services are also good. 

At the Showroom

Billy bookcase, very cheap! 

My Dream Dressing Table. RM999. out of budget :(
My Shopping!
Home Delivery and Assembly charges 

Thats all for my Ikea Shopping. Thank You for Reading!

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